Breathable Bubble Backpack For Cats & Small Dogs

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Breathable Bubble Backpack For Cats & Small Dogs

Thanks to an insistence on using only high-quality materials,
This Breathable Bubble Backpack For Cats & Small Dogs set the market benchmark for Pet carrier backpack by only using waterproof fabric and high grade of transparency shell.
  • Hands free pet carrier
  • Eye- catching Clear Window Design
  • Water proof & Lightweight

Exclusive Benefits:


  • Eye- catching Clear Window Design:
  • Cats Love to Keep a Close Eye on Their Surroundings. Clear window makes it come true that cats are able to see everything and bring travel more fun.
  • Excellent Ventilation:
  • 9 large Ventilation Holes on both sides and front, left and right ventilation nets ensure fresh air for fur-kids. The back expandable anti-scratching net provides maximum breathability that your pet will enjoy the outdoor time with you.
  • Functional & Well made:
  • The pet backpack is superior in materials and excellent in workmanship. Made with High-Quality Pet Safe Materials, Waterproof, Easy Clean and Lightweight. The pocket on the other side is nice to fill in pet snacks.
  • Comfortable Use:
  • Thick handle and Soft mat provide great comfort. Buckle on shoulder straps and Padded mat on the backpack helps lighten the burden of shoulders and waist.
  • Be Close to You:
  • You can carry the backpack in the front of your body. The little opening on one side is nice to reach in and pet her when she's nervous. Built-In security leash makes sure the safety.
  • Item Dimensions:
  • 11.4" L x 11" W x 16.5" H. Suggested Weight: 0-12lbs for small to medium cats, 0-10lbs for Dogs, puppies. Most Airline Approved under seat.
  • Important: Please Check your airline requirements before traveling.

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