Best GPS Tracker For Dogs

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Best GPS Tracker For Dogs



  • The tracker can chain your easy-lost and valuable belongings together and work with smart phone to prevent loss. The tracker is also a remote control of your smart phone camera for self-portrait


  • The tracker is a kind of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy product which works through iTracing app                  
  • In addition, the tracker can also provide a last seen pin-drop on map to help you recover your items and search your cars in parking site


  • Compact size and lightweight design and low energy consumption. Supports Bluetooth 4.0 And the effective range is up to 25m.


  • It can effectively protect your kids, pets or valuables from being stolen or lost within 25m effective distance range, when out of this range your phone and this iTag will automatically ring for a timely warning.



  • It can also be used as a excellent remote control selfie shutter and recorder. The location function is extremely perfect for road nerds to exactly find their cars.


  • You can preset 8 devices in one phone at the same time. The ultra small size and light weight ensures maximum convenience and portability.                   




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